Green headaches

That's what I used to call my headaches a little kid. We didn't know I had allergies as a kid and every few months I'd get these overwhelming head pains I'd call "green headaches". I remember picking grass and plants (and sadly some bulbs of iris's). I'd play chef on the porch and cut these things up...I loved doing this and there was an old plant shelf with movable parts that was my counter. After an hour of this, I'd come down with some sort of headache and say everything was "too green". Now, I know why. The grass was probably really bothering my sinus'.

Well, I caught up to my grass mowing from the other day. I have a mild migraine (nothing as bad as before). I took some motrin, nasal flushed and hopefully, hopefully will feel better in a bit. There was a library day with the local homeschooling group and I had to miss this as I feel icky. I think the girls would have liked it too. Well, we'll just have to plan for next month.

Also, the weather is really strange...pouring rain one minute, sunny and warm the next. It's mostly muggy but is supposed to get cold tonight. I will sign up for the Santa workshop for tomorrow at a local church...I just feel so blah.

I got some goodies from an ornament exchange I'm part of! I'll have to photograph the goodies. I guess I'll have to get the tree out from the basement. I think, if I get a real tree, it will have to be potted. I would like to start planting fir trees around the house...I've seen some people do this and always thought it looked rather sweet. I'll mix it up with blue spruce (my favorite).

Of course, right now I don't want to think of anything green...I really, really hate being allergic to grass.


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