I'm having a mild form of Spring cleaning in the beginning of Winter. Finally, I started to clear out the mess in the basement. I couldn't stand it any longer and just kept throwing as much as I could out. For some reason, there was a lot of cardboard boxes. The breaking point was discovering that a box holding my vintage hat collection was being used to prop up an air condition and had gotten wet. It was moldy and I lost two hats and an old purse. Everything else was all right but I was very upset. So, I started throwing things around, pulled several muscles and strained my back but all in all things are starting to shape up. I have plans to make half a solid studio and the other a sort of den w/the TV & exercise bike, etc. We have to clean out the coal room area but I'll let Jon do that as it's too creepy and icky in there.

I feel so good about this and there is a lot more space. Another purge and I'll have room to paint the rest of the walls/floor and move some shelving around. I also have stuff too freecycle/donate away.

The weather is warmer and almost all the snow is melted except on our side of the hill. It was so nice I felt a bit silly wearing my snow coat... didn't realize it was that warm. Oh, well. Everything is covered with salt and looks like a giant salt lick for deer’s.

My toe is feeling a tad better after several days of pain/infection. I had to cancel my last appointment for a major ingrown toe but now I can get it fixed. I might have to do the other big toe too. All this walking around and stuff...oh, well.

I'm so excited about the basement. I feel like it has all this potential and I'm glad to get it started at last. Between all of this, am painting up Lydia's room and getting the perfect colors and making some new curtains. Norrie's room will be next. She wants pink too...hmm, I was hoping for yellow/orange but if she wants that, then I'll let her have rose room too.

I still don't know what I want for our room. Maybe just cream colored...I don't know yet.

I found my old white tree that is really quite pretty, actually. I can't find the stand but I think I'll mix some cement and pour it into a coffee can and sit it in there. Then it will always be upright and I can use it outside. It's bit fragile as it's rather old...hmmm, I'll have to think about this. Anyway, I was glad to find that. Then I found the rest of my Christmas ornaments, some old stuff of mine that is interesting and I might reuse some how and more stuff to toss. It really is a nice feeling to get rid of things you no longer need/want and have the space. I'm excited about having several tables where I can just leave things out(sort of...having a few cats, makes this challenging too).

I'm going to get more peg board down there and Jon and I will hang that up as well. Then I can have a spot to create stuff on and added reflective light. We picked up some more masonite board and cut it into thirds. This fits in the car perfectly and I have about six new canvases to work on. One, I plan on reshaping into an oval or an imperfect circle and creating a collage piece with this. I found that working with resin is wonderful. The stuff I use dries quickly (about eight hours) but needs about 3-5 days to air out. Then it looks great. So, I'm happy with this.

I'm also working on various Christmas presents, a few extra pieces of art when I have time and getting ready for Christmas. My biggest gift to my self and Jon were Yak traks. These are grips you put on your shoes and have instant snowshoes. I tested them and they seem to work pretty well. Of course, most of our snow melted...which isn't a bad thing (of course, it's a bit worrisome in regards to Global Warming). Still, I'll have plenty of chances to test these.


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