It all started nearly a month ago. I bought an innocent bag of Hershey kisses...haven't done this in ages. One dropped on the floor in the wrapper and before I could grab it, Nelson had ran off with it. I never found the foil. As disturbing as this sounds, he was alive and well, seemingly unharmed. Things passed away, as the saying goes, without a bit of backup.

Anyway, we started to have more chocolate in the house for the holidays. I admit I gave Nelson a piece of chocolate chip cookie and I'm sure he's licked clean a few coco krispie cereal bowls. Yesterday there was gold foil chocolates around...he nearly broke into one but was deterred by me.

Today, apparently, he tried to snatch a piece of chocolate off the counter. This is quite a feat for a Bichon. He got as far as the wrapper and Jon stopped him. Now, he's sniffing out chocolate. I just looked up chocolate and dogs and apparently, it's theobromine in the chocolate that causes dogs with epilepsy to be more affected by death. Stil, I wouldn't allow any dog to have chocolate. This is scary as when you think about it, why wouldn't this effect people too? I think most things should be taken with moderation and perhaps most people with epilepsy know they aren't supposed to have chocolate. Still, it's a scary thought.


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