Artistic Inspiration...

A while ago I wrote about a photographer I admire, Laurie Toby Edison. She is the photographer of "Women En Large: Images of Fat Nudes". When I first saw the images of this book, I was shocked and amazed to see women who would have never been photographed by today's main street media and certainly not photographed with dignity and beauty, her for .

Now, that I have seen the photographs, I am even more amazed by them. They are courageous both by opening up new views of women in all their shapes and sizes as well as exposing our own likes/dislikes of the human body. It stretches our concept of self.

And while looking around Edison's site, I found a co-written blog that was very interesting in it's analysis of commercialism and how toys are marketed to boys and girls. Their blog also introduced me to an interesting read called Shakespeare's Sister.

Lots of good stuff to check out and definitely my artistic pick for the week!


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