I just got a surprise from love, Joleen...I actually won a contest! Wow! I'm so thrilled I had to share it here! Well, this makes me feel better for all the little things that get muddled in a day and stressing out about. Oh, I'm so excited!

I feel so inspired...may have to do a contest with a sweet little prize for someone. I want to brighten somebodies day too! :) I think I'll do one for January after I mail out all my trades (at last count, 19 trades...and oddly, thankfully, I finished them all!!).


♥ joleen ♥ said…
I am so thrilled you one and you're excited by it! :) I have been sick and unable to get to the PO but I should be there tomorrow and will send it off. :) Enjoy! and.. thank you for reading! xo

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