Well, I just finished nearly 24 paintings...5 by 7 inches...the mission is still to be announced. Let's just say, I'm happy with what I've done so far.

Besides the above, I did about 25 ACEO's, brought about 15 to the local art gallery, hopefully to be sold at the Christmas show and put up anouther 10 on eBay! Let's just say, I've been busy these last few days! This is not a bad thing at all...slightly, stressed but mostly glad to have this in my life.

Well, today was a big day in kid-dom. We got the long promised big girl bike for Lydia. She earned it by growing up a little and using the potty when she needed to. I'm so proud of her. And she is so happy with the bike. I let her bike in the house (it's safer, warmer, and good exercise) and she was going around and around. So sweet! Norrie was a bit jealous but one try on the big girl bike and she realized it's too big and not for her. So, that helped big time. Plus, I think she has plans to grow-up as well.

I feel pretty good otherwise. I need to get some of my mom's new stuffies to the gallery on Wednesday...she made some REALLY cute things. I have to photograph them first and share.

I'm working on some little stuffies myself...for Christmas decorations or just around the house. I just need to put on a few eyes, bells, and they'll be done.

Nelson got a hair cut and is adorable. Unfortunately, I think he knows he looks good and is being rather greedy for attention (ie, barking at me to play/etc). Plus, I got him a little holiday sweater and santa hat (Target)...couldn't resist. I'll photo him in it later. Well, I've got to go...Nelson seems on the verge of exploding (bathroom break).

Have a good week!


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