Well, I'm excited!

I just saw the ad I put up on Loobylu's kiddley site! How exciting!

This is the very first ad I've ever put up...so, this is exciting in my blogdom. Also, I just realized today is my blog anniversary! Wow! It's two years since I started this blog. Amazing. I first started this blog as a journal and a way to say my two cents. I feel like I've pretty much kept on this path. I've added more of my personality and views as well as adding my art. It's funny thing blogs. Lots of people question why they do it. What it all means, etc. But I've always thought blogs were a means of communicating: whether personal, business, political, creatively, or all of these. I don't think blogs should be too analyzed in this regards as it takes away the spontaneity that is so unique to people.

Blogs can be as restrictive or as free as one wants them to be. For my self, I feel sharing some of the good, bad, ugly or cute are all part of the package. How many people would want something to be the same all the time? I surely wouldn't! That's why I change my banner every season or add a few photos of things I like or don't like.

Anyway, today is also Wednesday Inspiration...I thought I'd share a blog I've been following for awhile called Artist's Inspiration. I enjoy this blog by Robin because she writes about truthfully about her busy life and because she does incredible abstracts and collage paintings. One that comes to mind is of red flowers collaged on to a painted surface. Amazing depth and clarity. I love this. I tried to find it on her site as an example but unfortunately, google is being a pain. Anyway, she has such great stamina in painting...something I really admire. So, for this week's Inspiration I choose Artist's Inspiration.


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