Wednesday Inspiration

This weeks (belated) choice is that of Rosie O'Donnell. I've been following her work thru flickr and often I'll go to her blog.

One of her pieces esp. moved me. It is of a soldier who has come home after being injured in the war. His wounds are obvious as he carries them on face as well as in his thoughts and memories. It is a collaged piece with paint swirled in the background and has a chaotic/blatant realism with the black and white photography. For me, this pieces shows anger and frustration at the slaughter of innocents.

O'Donnell's work often talks about "controversial" topics or rather topics that are ignored, repressed in our free society or don't have a lot of commerical value. I've always thought O'Donnell was an interesting and strong person (just thinking about her strides to keep her magazine connected to her vision, impressed me).

O'Donnell has written many poems on her blog as well. These are connected to her fears, reflections and insights on the media and family around her. It's a perspective not often heard of or given with seeds of truth. One poem, in particular, I found moving is:

Posted by ro on September 12th at 5:08pm in in the news

we saw eve enslers new play
the treatment
haunting brutal brilliant
dylan and portia perfect
master class

a soldier home dead inside
facing the truths
what he became and why

and when 2 break them

some facts
3,015 Americans have died in Iraq as of September 9.
2,666 of these were military deaths and 349 were civilians.

2973 dead on 9.11

we have doubled our sorrow
three thousand times over

we r not safer
we have raised a new generation of terrorists
drenched in blood and hate
as we proclaim them free

we r slow to wake
once we do
we r unstoppable

exxon made more money last year
than any company ever
in the history of commerce
and……..the boy king is an oil baron

use the force
peace out


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