Waiting for light.

Another reason I'm up so early...waiting for some natural lighting for a finished quilt. I finished an art quilt last night and want to photograph it with outdoor light. The difference is quite striking from my lamps. I have this utility clamp lamp...it's really starting to bug me as it doesn't do a good job imho. I actually like my mom-in-laws lamp better as it's a white shade. This makes all the difference. reflective light with white gives such a warmer glow. But the best is indirect natural light. I'm very picky about this, actually. However, I'll still take a pic even if the lighting isn't perfect as I know things can be done and sometimes you get interesting effects. Maybe I'll paint the inside of the clamp light white (it's metallic) and see if there is a difference. hmmm

But that's what I'm waiting around for...lighting.


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