Vote for Art!

Cut backs, smacks and hits and run away by night

Our kids get nothing but into fights. Why?

Why are they fighting more than ever?

Is it the moon, the food, the weather?

Or is it the swallowed up whole, the numbness of nothing,

The child left to defend his creativity through fists instead.

Instead of what?

Instead of:

dancing on the stage, writing a poem and having it read, displayed, painting a 6 by 6 foot painting full of rage, singing at the tops of their lungs in a school parade, creating worlds where they can live without fear and hunger, writing plays to tear down lies, creating, creating creating more than their little souls could ever know was possible.

Where is the art? It was washed away by politics to pay for an UNENDING war where our children, their children, all children will die if we mothers do not shout and say NO, NO, NO!

So I say vote for Art! Vote for those who say get the lies out! Vote for those ready to pull our sons and daughters out of the slaughter of the innocents.

Remember we have the power in our voice no matter how small. We have power in the quiet of silence in the voting hall.

Mothers fight and rage! For our children are silenced by darkness and age.


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