Testing, testing...

Went to my hearing test in State College and Jon took the day off to help me with that. It was a bit mad cap as we got there an hour early and had just enough time to go to an art store and have a bowl of soup. We parked and walked like crazy as it was freezing and no matter how fast you walked you were still freezing. So I got a good work out...plus, we got a little lost walking but finally made it to Uncle Ellie's art supplies. I found some great paper for about $4 at 200 lbs (didn't even know that existed) plus I saw others there at 233lbs, which is an old weight but, I guess it's still good. I'll have to try that out some time. The Arches paper was was too pricey at $20 (!) a piece! Geez! So, I got aquarelle instead.

Oh, the shops in State College are SO festive and cute!! There were two toy stores that are just darling and bright. One had several different colored trees, pink, light green and blue and all these little bobbing things inside it. The other was decked out in bright colors and Christmas trimmings. So nice and bright! Sadly, when I compare that to downtown Altoona, it's such a huge difference. Most of the stores are closed, hardly any life and just depressing. Hopefully, this will change in a year or so...

I have so many ideas for things since I went made dashed window shopping. I feel like I had a strange run through State College's downtown... Plus, there were so many people and kids running about. I was annoyed that the Vietnamese place was closed on Mondays...so, I missed Pho soup and spring rolls. Oh, well.

As for the hearing test, took 2 hours and they seemed to be getting things sorted out. I feel good about getting this taken care of and being treated. It was a mad dash back to Altoona and we got held up by a check point minutes away from the home. Guess they were checking people's drivers registration/etc.

The good thing was to spend time with Jon...felt so different without kids and I felt a bit sad with missing them. One thing I do feel like we may do in a few years, is move closer to State College. I'm talking five or so years...so, who knows. I felt bad Jon has to drive about an hour away.

At least the trip up to State College wasn't lost as I got my paper. I know it's only paper but I really needed some heavier weight and the local art stores just don't carry it...or have it at a much higher price. So, I feel good about that.

Next trip, might be Pittsburgh...we got a new copy of Bust mag and they did a review of the Andy Warhol museum and other spots of interest. I sure wish people would do some of the jazz they're doing in Pitts over here. All sorts of art hangouts, coffee houses, studios, museums, etc. Makes you feel sort of like PA is really kind of a neat place to be...even if it's only 20 degrees! :)

Right now, we're watching Wallace and Gromit at the in-laws place and eating mac and cheese. Even though the ENT didn't pop ear tubes in my ear, at least I got the ball rolling in my case. Plus, it's good to know my ears are nearly all the way healed (except for eczema in my ear...which I didn't' even know could happen!).


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