Rising early...

It's past 6:30 am. I got up at 5:30...not bad. I don't feel too tired either (of course a cup of coffee does help this). I know this sounds funny but walking around in a blanket and pj's is kind of comforting. My bathrobe is in the wash...in fact, I'll have to go do some laundry in a few minutes.

What I'm thinking of:

Making some new curtains for the kitchen...holiday themed ones. I have grand visions in my head but will reality be quite different and surprising. Hopefully, not too surprising.

SO MUCH BETTER! Not at 100% level but definitely past 85%...which is pretty darn good for most people, if you ask me. Ears are hearing quite well, can hear the rats having a good drink at their water bottle. All functions are working and in order. This Star Trek ship is doing well!

Really feeling good as I got 90% of my trades ready and just need those final touches. I worked here and there on decorations and illustrations. Instead of being stressful (as I started to imagine), I started feeling better everytime my hands would get covered in paint and glitter. Isn't that funny? Yes, I do believe are is healing. Very much so. Every little bit of art is healing and in all it's many forms. If it's done with a bit of thought (emotion, critical, etc), it's art.

Jon is feeling a bit better, too. Poor guy had to make some trips in the rain this weekend and wasn't feeling too well after all of this. But he seems on the up and up. Has a cough but I supplied him with more tea and hopefully, he'll be able to feel a bit comforted at work.

The gals are doing well. I think they were getting a bit tired of going to grandfolks place (we had them there a lot...this helped us quite a bit). Poor grandfolks where getting at their wits end, I think.

I'm thinking of going for a walk (the last time, was pretty scary as my hearing was off and everything sounded too far away or too loud. I got a little frustrated, I admit) on the back streets and keeping away from heavy traffic. I'm sensitive to noise. But I guess most people are, really.

I'm so glad I've done more work then I expected. My energy level is coming back and instead of being a burden, I feel happy and dare I say it, joyful.

I hope everyone has a Happy Monday and a good week. :)


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