I don't watch very much TV. Actually, I probably don't watch more television than a half hour to an hour during the week. I usually put in a video/movie or something and I'll watch that. I don't really watch the news (I read them on-line on yahoo..and just the headlines) so I'm not bombarded by political stuff or commercials, etc.

I took a poll the other day and the poll asked how much TV you watched, did you get annoyed with political campaigns, and if you were tired of it all. Really, I didn't feel like this at all and was a bit surprised. My feelings are that we are directly related to politics and they aren't as separated as we think. Everything has a "political" slant, if we think about it. For example, water and the air. Most people will take this as something that is always there and always has been safe. This is not true. It's been hard fought to have clean drinking water and air that is less polluted. These are not things that were always clean. People said they wanted clean water for their children and families. And they voted and they stood up to big industries and told them no polluting.

People fought for these things. They realized if you don't fight (vote), someone will take away your right to clean water and clean air.


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