That's how it's been lately with my hearing. I'm hoping this will clear up as it's a pain to have people repeat what they are saying and hearing everything as though through static. I admit I'm a little down from this.

Saw this PBS film "To the Ends of the Earth"...or rather the last episode. I couldn't tell what they were saying half the time, but I got idea of it. Also, I looked it up on PBS and caught up on the story line. Might go and read this now that I've seen it. Ususally, it's the other way around with me. There are a few books I've first seen as films, such as Mill on the Floss and honestly, trying to read that was a bit much. I hate to admit I did this with one of Jane Austen's books as well...I'm actually a good reader so, this did suprise me. I'm going to try and reread these things now that I've got my glasses...I think a lot of readings where more difficult just because I couldn't see. I guess that would make sense! :)

Today we took it easy. We were supposed to go to UU, but my hearing made me feel uncomfortable and I know we're all germy and tired. Later, Lydia threw up and Norrie hardly ate anything except wanting hot dogs. It was a nice family day, even with all the illness. We even went to the park but came home tired. I hope this makes us a bit stronger since we haven't been going out as much because of everything. I hope I don't sound too depressing either...

I started working on some Christmas decorations for a swap and I hope they come out as I imagine. Sometimes things surprise me, good or bad. I need to do two illustrations. I have to see what the weather is going to be like and hopefully I can paint the back steps with the proper paint as I used a primer last time. For some reason, I thought it would work well. It didn't and ended peeling everywhere.

I'm nearly done with another quilt and it is a beauty. I will have pics ups shortly.

I borrowed a cute 1970's book called "I love to Sew" and love it. I should scan a few pics for fun...

Well, it's off to sleep and then a new day. Have a good Monday and Tuesday is the day to vote.

Oh, one last thing...going to try my hand at soldering with lead-free solder. Got the idea from Amy, hope this isn't too hard!


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