The Power of a Kiss

Well, not the usual kind of kiss...though they definitely have a power to lift you up too! :)

I'm talking about a little chocolate kiss or rather a bag of them. I bought some yesterday while out at the store. Had a few when we got home and that's when the sugar and good stuff hit my serotonin level. I told the gals lets go out, sure it looks like rain, but lets go out for a walk. Lydia refused to leave the yard and decided to dig for treasure and make compost cakes in the garden. Norrie followed me and Nelson around the yard. Next thing I know, I'm pulling out the mower. I couldn't believe I did that. I mowed the with high allergic reactions to grasses and hate the smell of gas (yes, we have an old mower...). So, I mowed 95% of the yard and just as I was finished putting away the mower, it started to rain. Talk about timing. We all went in, washed up and relaxed to Spongebob.

I guess I felt sorry for Jon being away all week long and sick on the weekends. I decided to just mow the yard and most likely make all the neighbors happy (we don't rake leaves like some fanatics do. People are way too hung up on perfect lawns).

So, I feel like I did something nice for Jon and a bunch of neighbors. I think leaves are good compost and was glad to help mulch it into the grass. We've got a million potholes or rabbit holes or holes from tree roots rotting away in our yard. And I hope this will help fill them in a bit. I probably should gather the remanding leaves and stick them in these ankle twisters. They are really annoying and makes the lower yard difficult to play in.

I know it's bad to get energy from chocolate and I'm amazed that a few little pieces have so much punch. I think it's because I haven't had chocolate in a long while. I found out Norrie likes candy canes and wants to be called Eleanor. I was surprised and a little sad. We called her Norrie from birth as a nickname. But she has been correcting me quite a bit. It's amazing to see her develop her own personality and just verbally. She loves to talk and I'll just listen to her and make comments here and there.

Lydia is becoming more complex as well. I read, a long time ago, never to be sarcastic/ironic with little kids. They don't get it and feel hurt. Oddly, I think this can be applied to a lot of adults as well. Not that they are immature but it's hurtful. I'll have to remember this. Anyway, I take what the kids say very highly and listen to them on an emotional level. Lydia was getting jealous because I was stamping out all these packages for trades. She wanted to do play dough and I was trying to finish this quickly. I could see she was feeling hurt. We compromised by having mom finish the packages and immediately working with her to make some play dough snails. It worked out.

It's amazing as a stay-at-home mom and artist, how much you have to give/produce. It's not for the weak of heart, I must say. You have to give up some things that use up time. For me that was the television. If I watch a show, it's maybe an hour a week. Actually, the only time I sit in front of the TV is at my in-laws and usually I'm painting/sewing. I have two examples. My mom and my b-friend, Carol's mom, Emma. My mom raised four kids and Emma raised eight kids. Yet, each of these women made their kids clothes, made beautiful homes to live in, Emma bartered for things they needed or just wanted, and yet still found time to create either an environment for their kids to create or for themselves. I'm amazed, really.

I have a memory of Emma at the dining room table facing the TV (across the room) and would have her sewing, projects, etc and do this while the kids zoomed in and out. All was cleared for dinner. And I thought, what a perfect arrangement (though now, I know how frustrating it must have been to just stop and have to clear up your projects).

And that is what amazes me about these two women. The endurance and insanity at times of having a home full of everything. And I still feel in awe when I see mom's doing all they are doing. I know there are up's and downs to all stories and mom's are human just like everyone. But I'm thankful I had creative women in my life. Thanks, mom! :)


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