Now I can't hear out of both ears...

I thought I'd be 100% better today but now I can't hear from both ears and I feel tired and drained mixed with a slight headache. I took all my medicine/vitamins and felt a bit dizzy from this mix. But after I ate a little, felt better.

At least both the ears seem to be draining...yesterday, I forgot was Wednesday Inspiration but I know who I'm going to put up as my next inspiration...I'll do that tonight.

Sorry I keep complaining about my self. I haven't been up to creating much but I did glance at my work pile and started to feel interested again. So, this is a good sign.

I tried to load a pic on blogger last night but it wasn't feeling good either, apparently. Hopefully, this time it will work.

Yeah! It works!! And I put another pic at the top! Hope you enjoy them! :)


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