It's not snowing yet...

but I can feel it in my bones. Friday we're supposed to get a bit of snow. I'm ambivalent about the snow. Part of me is, all right! Finally! The other part is, "oh,". So, this is how I feel.

Plugging away at painting. We stayed home most of the day. Had to do some grocery shopping and otherwise, the kids and I just hung out. Yesterday was so full of errands, the girls felt like they hardly saw me. I felt the same way and was grumpy as heck. But all in all, got a lot done.

I've painted up such a big batch of paintings, I'm a bit surprised. Most likely nearly 25 new ACEO's and bigger. And I have new ideas for bigger paintings. Just need to start the canvas or surface I plan to paint. I must say feeling better and having your health really does wonders for energy levels. Who knew?

Jon brought me home Pho soup and spring rolls. They were great and so filling. I've got to learn to make the soup at least. I know my sister's mom-in-law makes a dynamite beef soup with rice. It's a Vietnamese recipe and so good and spicy will cure any cold you get. I tried making that once but burnt it...was not a good smell or flavor. I'm going to try and work on this. Calls for cilantro, limes, pepper and reducing the moisture to get a thick broth of rice and beef (or substitute).

I found that my potatoes for Thanksgiving didn't turn out to what I expected. I think I mentioned Jon helping and he blended the potatoes to a paste? Well, it tasted like condensed soup. And the next day, that is what I made with the leftovers. I do believe it was the best potato soup I've ever had, let alone made. It required boiled potatoes AND baked. This gives it a unique flavor and is so hearty tasting. I added sautéed mushrooms and there was bacon already in it from the day before. Very good. Okay, now I'm hungry...

It's late and I'm tired. A full day with two kids does that to a person. Today was all right, less mishaps than usual, only one fall on the floor, and spilling of yogurt on the floor (Nelson helped clean that up). Actually, Nelson was the only one that got on my nerves today...kept barking for some ungodly reason.

I look forward to tomorrow morning. I have my creamer for my coffee and I'm ready to belt out some Doris Day!


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