It's early...

I got up because I think my cat peed in the bathroom...or at least I can smell something coming from the hallway. I hate that. I tried cleaning up the spot and even spraying the laundry but it still stinks. Why are cats so annoying sometimes? I know I have two older cats (13, 14+) and this makes for interesting events with litter boxes. They're eccentric, at best. If I leave a bath mat/towel by the tub they pee on it. Why? I have no freaking idea. Probably some of their smell is there and I have to clean it better, but still!

In other animal news, Mr. Nelson has fleas. I was supposed to bring him to the vet to get treated but we couldn't stand it and got him a store flea treatment. Poor guy seemed covered with fleas. Being a white dog, they're easy to see...I was picking them out with a flea comb and soapy water. Still, I couldn't stand it and we got the treatment started. Hope it works. I'm also wondering why the vet would want to charge $45 for the same treatment when you can get it for $10 at the store? Strange.

Anyway, everyone else is doing fine. The rat girls are doing well and the Odie is placed right by the heat vent for extra warmth. I had him by the front door the other day. It's glass and he can look out. The mailman came and he nearly had a heart attack, poor guy. Feathers were everywhere. So, if I have him there, I'll move the cage back, so he doesn't think he's going to get nabbed.

As for kids, they're fine as well. We seemed to have started to balance again, health-wise. Hope it continues to get better. Thank goodness for modern medicine.

Spent a few more hours at the local art gallery. It was a nice experience and I wish I had more energy. I'm still getting back to normal, I suppose. It was nice talking to fellow artists that walked in and getting some info. on potential art lessons. I think I may offer private tutoring for people who are older and don't like steps. I hadn't thought about that but I'm guessing it's a big thing...esp. when there is ice. Yikes!

I'm definitely going to sign up for the local art group. Got to get that going as they really seem to be active. I like that.

Finally, did some painting last night...or rather started a new batch of 20 or so. I've also got a goal I want to accomplish. I want to make 100+ paintings in my abstract style. They'd have to be 3 by 3 feet or bigger...and I'd have to work at it really diligently. Can I do this? Not all at once but I think that I can. The biggest issue will be supplies/canvas. I'm thinking of using masonite board as my base and attaching a hanging device in the back. This way I can really get moving. I think I'm going to have to really make space in the basement as well...painting can get quite messy, let's just say.

I read, awhile ago, that some artists in the 1500's (most likely earlier) used to use crushed glass in their paints to create a luminous effect. This intrigues me. I wonder if this really creates a difference? And where would I get crushed glass or how to make it? Would something like glitter, crushed, be similar? Wondering...

Also, I'm learning I love resin. It's so interesting and gives so much dimension to a piece. Fortunately, I have some warmer weather and can pour some of this on a few paintings that need touch up. I hope the product we got is all right...a bit nervous as it was a bigger volume for less. We shall see.


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