I am not

going to look at the election polls until tonight. I'm too nervous to see them. I hope for the best, but expect the worse as in the Mel brooks "12 chairs" movie. I think that's a good motto for life, really. But what else can you really do?

I voted today and it was an odd experience. Had to punch in a number and use this little spin knob(how ironic) to make choices. I'm pretty computer savvy and this was confusing for me! Took me 15 minutes and I had to use the help button twice. Plus, there are ear phones (wth?)! So, this was odd esp. since I got a static type voice (remember I'm still hearing impaired) and it sounded odd. But I did like the review feature at the end; I knew exactly who I was voting for and for what. It felt a bit depressing not to get a "I voted" sticker. I really liked those. Still, I hope this is all valid and everything goes through. I do feel sorry for older folks who aren't computer savvy (regardless of Republican or Democrat). This will be hardest for them, really.

Otherwise, I had the art students over and we did some work on perspective. I think I must have aggravated my throat as it's incredibly sore. Ah, well...Lydia and Norrie are a bit better but still tired from being sick.

I've been working on pretzels lately. I made my first batch yesterday and they came out hard as rocks. I made a second batch but forgot to put on all the fixing: salt/sugar/etc. But they were much softer, so that's good. Now, I'm thinking of the third batch...I hope to goodness it's the best batch, yet. I'm using a German recipe and it's funny how you have to do something a few times before you get it.

Besides recouping from my ear thing, I painted the back steps (fortunately, before the rain) and it seems to be holding up. I wish I could make a little roof over the steps but that will be Jon's department.

I don't know if everyone else's dog does this but mine follows me everywhere. I'll be a few feet
away from him and next thing I know, I'm stepping on him. He's cute, and he's got that advantage. I must admit he doesn't let you feel lonely.


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