Happiness is friends...

So, I get this phone call (and I think it's going to be a political message person or fund raisers for the police) and it turns out to be my dear best-friend, Carol! Let's just say, I was thrilled. She had written me but I hadn't sent my letter back to her yet (snail mail and little hands hiding various parts of the letter make it a slow process). I just felt so good. I feel like that every time I get a phone call from friends and family...like I'm bouncing on clouds. I think it's even more important when you're feeling kind of sick and down, and out of the blue, someone says, "Hi! I'm thinking of you." Very wonderful.

Anyway, she's going to be coming over for a week (I really hope) and we're going to just have fun with the kids and I hope just relax and do art stuff. I'm so thrilled there are tears in my eyes. I know, I'm a big sap...

Other good (great!) news is my mom and brothers might be coming over for the next road trip of theirs! I know that sounds wonky but this really makes me feel so good. Oh, great...now I'm laughing at my self and crying. I really need to stop watching Gilmore Girls (1st season). I always watch that when I feel sick or down and afterwards I feel better and relaxed. I think it's the set design or something...very restful and pretty. That's a great show, by the way. I love how there are people of all sorts of shapes and sizes on there...sure, it's not as good as Northern Exposure (which I still need to get a copy of) but it's up there.

Right now, I'm reading Dooms Day Book by Connie Willis. It's about time travel and complications of this as well as how the past haunts the future in the form of disease. Interesting, if not a bit tedious in repetition. But it's by a female sci-fi writer and one I've never heard of. I could see this totally as a graphic novel (though somewhat edited).

Of course, I shouldn't really be reading this book when I have a cold/ear infections as it makes you wonder if you have some sort of plague or what not. I'll have to check out Willis' other books as well...

I finished Harry Potter a couple of weeks ago and it was actually much better than I thought. I thought it was poetic with the phoenix and (as one friend commented) though rushed at the end, I liked it. I'm looking forward to the last book but I seriously wonder how everything is going to be tied up at the end. I could see this going on for at least two more books...but we shall see.

I hardly ever get to see the TV (not that I want to) and now the computer time is limited. But with a book, you can crack that baby open any place, nearly any time and there it is. Pictures in your head, color, lighting and emotional ties...nobody can do that except a book. I love that.

Today was a bit difficult as the girls were both ill too and I was in ear pain/sick. It was way too cold to play outside and we spent the day getting on each other's nerves and trying to be civil. I may have to seriously get the 3rd floor in shape to let them play there as well as the basement. I know they were cranky from being sick and I wish I had realized that sooner. I would have been more patient with them...I think I was just too sick to realize. And when your not feeling up, it makes you ubber selfish. And as every parent knows, you can not be too selfish with kids. I even let them in my old jewelry box ( full of junk jewelry, little things saved from my school days, pins, etc). They had a good time with that but then felt distracted and bored.

One thing they like to do is play games...any game will do. I may have to take them on Friday (if we're all feeling good) to the library (for homeschool games). So, we shall see.

I did so much today, I still can't believe it. In between resting, tending to the kids and housework, I made a batch of chocolate cookies (I added yoghurt into the mix and they come out really nice and soft) and biscuits. Lydia helped but was dismayed to find no eggs were needed. For some reason, she thinks there should be an egg in all baking procedures. Cute. I would like to find a pretzel recipe and try making some of my own. I know hot water is used in the process (from what I remember from a Mr. Rodgers episode).

I think it helps to have a cup of coffee about 5:45 pm. This is about 15 minutes before Jon comes home and gives me the ump I need to get past this time slot. Otherwise, I'm a mess and quite pooped.

I can not believe how much my ear is hurting me. This is the worst ear infection I've ever had. Every time I kneel to pick something up (which is often) I hurt about two minutes afterwards and then my throat starts acting up if it's the slightest chill in the air. Awful!

Now, Jon feels icky and I hope it's not the same thing but a minor prob. It's funny...whenever I take our temps all the gals will be something like 99.4 and up (if we're sick). Jon's is always 97 or 96.6. I find this funny as he can look sick but his temp rarely goes up. I guess that's a good thing...Right now, my pained ear is reading at 100.4.

A really gross thing happened the other day. We were looking at Mr. Nelson and I was like, oh you have so many mattes, going to have to take you to the groomers. Then I noticed this weird thing stuck to his eyelid. It was greenish and looked like a seed or odd growth. I was kind of disgusted by it and Jon's like, just pull it off. So, I tried pulling it off with a Kleenex tissue and it slowly loosened. Then, I got really disgusted and started imagining it was going to bleed all over. I tried again and it popped off. I was like what the hell is that? It didn't bleed and Nelson didn't even whimper but seemed better afterwards. I asked Jon, do you think it's a tick? He's like no...I looked it up and guess what. It was a fat, engorged tick! So very disgusting...I immediately went crazy and wiped everything down with alcohol and had Jon wash Nelson in the tub. Yuck! Yuck!!! I know where he probably got it. From our walks on the trails, but icky, yuck! If I had extra energy I'd scrub the floors on my hands and knees but I'll just mop up instead. Jon got rid of the tick in the outside trash. It even left a little hole on Nelson's eye lid but it's starting to look less puffy now. Bugs can be so gross.

Well, that's about all the news right now. I did finally get to try the resin and it wasn't as difficult as I thought. It rained (of course) after I put the finishing drop on the canvas and made drying time last an extra 20 hours. I actually love the effects of the resin and will definitely be doing this again. I wish I had it for the 6 by 4 foot painting I had to discard. This was pretty massive and would have been fantastically preserved in resin but I didn't do it. Ah, well...

Lately, as soon as it gets dark, rain comes on. It's like the timed sprinklers in California. As soon as it hit's 10 pm sprinklers pop on and water various people's lawns. Thankfully, we don't have to do that.

I still can't believe I forgot to get my allergy shot today. I'll have to do it tomorrow and I have another doctor's appointment (standard) tomorrow as well. Wonderful.

I think I'll try adding cottage cheese to the biscuits next time. I used yoghurt but it tasted really bitter for some reason. I didn't have chives on me, so I just skipped that. Cottage cheese might be a good alternative for now.

I cannot believe it's voting day on the 7th, Tuesday next week. The time has flown by and I guess that's a good thing. I hope people think about all the cut backs to our services in favor of an unending war. I hope people remember all those who died for this war regardless of their nationality. And I hope people remember all the children who were lost in this war, in our own flood and lack of care they received. I hope people remember that when it came to raising the minimum wage, mist in our govt. ignored it and favored pay increases for themselves. And I hope people remember that there is a huge amount of big business trying to control our govt. which is supposed to represent the people and be created BY THE PEOPLE. Remember this on voting day. Don't let people manipulate you by talk of fear, lies, deception. I know that we can't make everything right but we can make a lot much better than it is.


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