gloomy Sunday

But at least I'm feeling a tad better. The side effects of anti-biotecs are rather discouraging and I kept getting up until I ended up staying up from about 2-5am. So, that was annoying. I think it screwed up my whole early to bed routine as well. So much for the time change...

Nelson is going bonkers as he's been played with infrequently...actually, he's been played with quite a bit more now that the gals have found in him a somewhat willing pal. Kiwi is shocked at the attention too as she's being carried by the waist with her bottom half dragging and exposed to Nelson. Poor thing got a few scratches too.

I burnt the fish sticks we were supposed to have for lunch. That says a lot right there. I still am surprised I did that. At least the rice came out well. Basically, I took one of those frozen seasons packs of veggies (the ones with corn, tomatoes, etc) and put it in enough water for rice. Added the rice and the whole thing was quite good.

Otherwise, slowly getting back together and can actually hear a whole lot more and feeling way less dizzy! So, I'm happy about this. What a relief...of course things still sound slighly muffled but not like before. I'm looking forward to my ENT appointment next week and hopefully they can do some work while we're there.

As I said it's gloomy and cold out. Norrie is taking an unusal nap...thought she'd given those up but I think she's tuckered out from doing so much with everyone. Grandparents have been helping to no end with the gals. And we cleaned out their fridge too! Felt a bit guilty about that...

Anyway, naps do wonders and I admit I had a 20 minute one and feel much more rested. Feel slightly stressed about all the artwork I'm to have finished but not too worried. I'm pretty fast at what I do and if you love what you're doing, this helps quite a bit. :)

Hope everyone is feeling good and if not, feeling better. Have a good Sunday!


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