Gallery day...

Volunteered at the Albert Michaels Gallery today. Just helping out with the presentation. We made a sign for the gallery but that was plucked down...much to our dismay. What a nice supporter of local businesses! Plus, the sign was low, on public ground (not private property) and was very nicely made. I'm pretty sure it was the library. I swear, if it's not corporate they will have none of it. No wonder people become indignant about supporting each other. It's rather sad, really.

My main fault was not asking to put the sign up. I guess I should have assumed the sidewalk was signage free. Ugh. How annoying. Sometimes this town is worse than a big city. I can see why people get so annoyed by policies and regulations, etc. Makes you want to run around town and do outsider art or something.

Anyway, enough of my ranting. We got a few people interested, not many sales but it was Black Friday and basically the gallery is competing with places that sell mass made things. I know there are "good" deals out there but at the same time who wants to go through all of that? I remember a co-worker in California who'd have her whole family plan around the day after Thanksgiving. It was rather much as they'd have a huge van emptied in order to buy stuff at 4am. CRAZY. Ever since than, I've thought Black Friday was insane. Actually, I thought it was a religious day but I guess not. Interesting that it could have come from the stress caused by over shopping on this day, however. I do like the response of "buy nothing day" to black friday.

One nice thing about volunteering is I got some free mulled cider packets. This is made from a local home operated business and is quite good. I was happy about that. The gallery supports a huge amount of artists as well as crafters. We're planning on getting a simple web page up in the future. I really think this will help connect people as so many homes have internet access.

Art wise, I'm sketching out more ideas for small illustrations. I'm getting inspired by some work I saw on flickr with beads...Very beautiful and bright.

And I'm putting together more packs to send out to various companies about my work. Should be interesting. I'm also working on putting together my portfolio and am going to start submitting to the SAMA gallery and see if I can be shown there, as well. I have a few letters to mail to various hospitals and businesses. This may have to wait until after Christmas as I keep forgetting it's nearly the end of November. ACk!

Christmas presents, I have not bought any. I have made quite a bit but will have to do over time, I think. Not too bad, really. I have a few people I'd like to send cookies and I hope I can do that at least.

Well, I've got to let this go as I just realized it's 2:42 am. Had to get up and take my allergy medicine as I forgot but my sinus's didn't.


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