Called in sick, again for tutoring...but felt better. I had the grandparents watch the kids (which they kindly obliged) and I had a few hours to relax...though I ended up catching up on laundry, cleaning a bit here and there and starting a few new projects...yes, I know I need to finish quite a few others. But I'm glad I got this much done.

Afterwards, all of us met up and tracked on down to the public library for a homeschool games day. It was fun and Lydia had a good two hours of playing. Norrie, however, fell asleep and grandpa was left watching her. Then, when we came back to the car, guess who woke up and wanted to see the library. Yes, so I tracked back down and let her play for about 20 minutes. Poor kiddo. She's been under the weather ever since her ear infection. I can totally sympathize.

It was really great to see the other mom's even though I felt like I was listening to a static-ie radio. Awful in that sense...but otherwise, even I had a good time.

I have a play date in the near future set up and Carol's visit to look forward to. So, this means I've gotta start cleaning/painting to get ready! Yikes! Plus, Jon is not sick with a lung cold, poor guy. We're all coming down with something...Tis the season, I guess. Fortunately, there are lots of things to comfort oneself with and one is a tea, a warm blanket, and a fire log (of which I got a few).

Art wise, as I mentioned a few projects are on the burner. I also have to make a new batch of paintings to sell and hopefully, I can get it all done tomorrow. just kidding...Otherwise, it's slap some paint on the walls, sew up some curtains and scrub the rugs. I wonder if anyone else goes house crazy before visitors come to visit.


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