Feeling a bit better...

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Finally. Looks like the sinus pain is wearing off and I'm on the rebound. But I will not do a Pee Wee Herman where I go crazy with energy and then where myself down. Do you remember that episode? Pee Wee feels a bit tired but instead of nursing him self and taking it easy, he goes and plays a lot and burns out. So, that's what I'm doing...or trying to do with house hold chores. I just take it 15 minutes at a time. Plus, I get everyone to help pick up and it works.

For example, last night the girls room was horrible. Couldn't even walk with all the toys and blankets. So, I shouted and everyone started picking up toys and I explained how we need to do this to find our lost toys as well as not to trip over stuff. And it was 90% better. Little kids can learn to put things away if they have a spot to put it in and will pick up if you're helping. I should just yell less...I even snapped at Jon and he was all crusty (eye infection is now in both eyes but getting better). Poor guy.

The gang of pets we have are all doing well, too. Fortunately, Jon remembered to give the cats and dog water and food. For some reason, I only remembered Odie(bird) and the rats. But all is fine in our little animal kingdom.

I even think the critters knew I was under the weather. My cats were esp. attentive and looked concerned (now, that I think about it they might have been worried their water dish was empty). Still, they seemed interested in me and my single piece of buttered toast...oh, well.

One thing I'm going to do is spread out all my medicine and see if I feel better after taking them. Really creates a feeling a nausea, I must say. But as I said feeling better and typing this at 2:35 am. wow.


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