We have a rental right now while Jon's car is in the shop. I've mentioned it before, a PT Crusier (very cute and paid by the insurance company, thankfully). So, we took it for a drive and out to Surplus City (which I was a bit annoyed at as they had a sign saying 5 for $1 for felt and when they rang it up, they acted like I was lying! Very annoying!). Anyway, we drove around and I started wishing I had my digital camera. I thought I lost the cam as I couldn't find it for the past few days. Turned out to be in my pocket in my other jacket...of course. So, I felt better after that but felt a little annoyed I couldn't get some really beautiful shots of our drive. Some people think the trees going bare are ugly but I think they are beautiful and esp. striking when there are a few trees still full of color. Plus, there are so many wonderful shades of grays and soft hues...and lighting changes the feel of the hills like a different world altogether. Love this feeling.

Altoona campus

Another photo opportunity was lost when I saw several handmade political signs. They were pro-Casey and democratic. For some reason this moved me, again. I just like how people are realizing how important politics are and how it effects them (regardless of economic status) and our environment.

So, I was a bit down from this...and my ears being so clogged up. I started to feel panicky when I was at the shop and I admit tired too. I guess I may have done too much in one day but it was nice getting out even if I argued with Jon for no reason. Not being able to hear is very frustrating and I feel like wearing a button saying, I'm hearing disabled please be patient or something like this. I hate to do this but I felt out of place.

Otherwise, I'm feeling a bit better...wish I was all the way better and didn't have to be on antibiotecs but it's helping, I guess.

Right now, I'm working on several quilts and some paintings. I signed up for two different ornament exchanges and am getting worried about the time factor. A part of me is a greedy monster who wants to get beautifully made ornaments from fellow artists/craftsters and another part of me is thinking, my god what have I done? So, I"m trying to figure out what I can do that's pretty, fast and interesting. I've got a few ideas up my selve and will be experimenting shortly. :)

cute owl in truck seen at the doctor's parking lot, Altoona

I'll have to photograph my various projects as I would like to see them up on the net too. Otherwise, it's clean house once we recup a bit more...


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