Being sick is not fun

Still recovering. Apparenly, my ears are looking a bit better but now everything has moved into my sinus' and I've got infection there. Another trip to the doctor, more medicine and hopefully this will cinch it.

Afte all of this, I've been letting my art stuff pile up and had to cancel a friend's visit (which is rather depressing, but I don't want her to get sick or get pink eye...which Jon has gotten from the girls). Sigh...

I hope this is the last bit of it and we can start feeling better and get my ears working again (still clogged and have an ENT appointment later this month). Last night was terrible, as I had a pounding headache but now I can actually sit up an type. I slept for nearly 20 hours, which is a record for me. Thank the stars for good health insurance.

Otherwise, life is slowing down...were taking it easy and not going to worry about painting the walls or getting every last dish washed. Just let them soak and relax.

After all that sleep, I still wouldn't mind taking a nap. Must be healing...

In other news, I gave up my boycott of Wendy's (got sick there a few years ago, twice) and have gone back. They actually have some healthy selections! Salads are only 99 cents and a bowl of chili is about $2. Not bad. Also, supposedly, they don't use transfat anymore...that's pretty good. I also made a descion. No more french fries. I don't need them and plan on not touching them any more. I realized this yesterday after I ate my last bit of fries. I just felt like they were gross. So, no more fries.

So, we're off to rest...


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