Monday, September 25, 2006

A web address of one's own...

I have an official new web and am pretty excited about this. It's a first step in looking more professional and serious as an artist (at least for me). Next, I'm going to redo my gallery page and dress it up a bit. Right now, it's fine maybe a bit overly quirky but all right. I'm just so thrilled about my new web address, though. I'm still linked with my page but it's an actual web address of my very own. I'll have to make new business cards (though the old one's are still very valid) with the rather catchy name. It's funny how it seemed to take forever to find the right combination for my name. Jon and I went back and forth for awhile and all names we chose were already taken. Then I thought, edgegal. I wonder if it's taken...I crossed my fingers and plugged it in. Voila! It was available!!

Edgegal standes for: Emily Dimov-Gottshall Expressions gallery. I love the gal part as it can be either for a gallery or for a gal. Perfect. So, spread the word and tell all about! :)

Next, I'm going to be advertising on a few fave sites and see how that goes. Should be interesting...

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