All this walking has got me plum tired. I'm glad I used a bit to go to the market and get a few necessities. I even remembered to get Mr. Nelson a dog chewy. He deserved it! After nearly running at full steam, he was tuckered out from all the marching too...I love it when he's tired. He's like a cuddly little fluff ball. Thank goodness for Nelson. Apparently, today is March for Peace day and this Thursday is Pinwheels for Peace as well as National Peace day. I'm so glad we did the march, even if we got tired. I feel so happy to have done something like this. Plus, you can't beat walking and for a reason! : )

I'm ashamed to admit this is the first time I've ever walked so much in the downtown area. I avoid the area, I guess or just drive through. It's a good walk, actually and I wish we had brought strollers. We might have gone for more marching but carrying the kids was just too much. Plus, I forgot my allergy medicine...oh, well.

I guess I was a wee bit sore from yesterday's hike too. The Lenape Pow-wow is happening today and tomorrow too. It's too bad we missed it yesterday but it was really nice going to the trail as a compromise.

Art wise:
I have to scan some new paintings I've done...I have about 10 or so new ones and I've got them finished last night. I'm also going to go and get me a gallon of resin and try this out. I feel excited and happy to try this. I remember my old art teacher in 1992 telling me about resin and I wasn't sure what that was. Now, I've heard it again and after some exploration, I'm like what HAVE I BEEN MISSING? lol!


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