My husband, Jon, really likes this one writer named Charley Reese...I didn't really know what to think about him...just heard from Jon saying Reese is conservative and has some good points still. So, I started reading a few blogs, and Reese is really on the mark.

In his latest writing, he talks about voting every incumbent out. And by God, that is just what I hope happens. The way people went along and did not offer one bit of criticism or questioning of going into a war that has cost of TRILLIONS of dollars (money that could have gone to FIXING up our schools, neighborhoods, programs for the needy and the elderly and SO MUCH MORE). How on earth can we ever let these scared, push over fat pocketed people back into OUR congress, is beyond me. Reese mentions that there are a few handfuls of people who did the right thing. They questioned (like Murtha) and said HELL NO! to sending boys and girls off to death and yet were smeared with the stink of lies by the powerful. We need to vote them back in but if there is any doubt vote the incumbent out!

I hope a lot of people have learned a lesson (a painful one at that)from these last few years. Do we continue to believe the lies or do we, stand together, and do the right thing?


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