We went over to Mowry Marsh's a wetland area between some farms. Very beautiful and just quite wonderful. I have to bring a lunch for the kids next time. Jon caught grasshoppers and crickets for the gals and we watched them hop across the pavilion. I did a "plein air" painting of the Marsh as well...

Remembered the digital cam and even though it was foggy at noon, I think the pics came out rather well. We brought Mr. Nelson as well and he enjoyed being out too. We drove over to Gearhart's and got some popsicles and water.

Tried to sit outside but a wasp kept bothering us. I was getting grumpy too (Norrie was irritated and wanted to leave the Marsh after an hour, so that wasn't too bad). We got some sandwiches on the way home and crashed afterwards. Not too bad of a Saturday morning. Jon and I got into a little fight...I tend to be optimistic if not, overly optimistic politically-wise; Jon is more of a realist/slight cynic when it comes to politics. Ah, well...I really shouldn't pout...which is what he said I did (and he was right...).

Anyway, some fantastic news: I got about 30 small pieces of work to show at a local gallery and about 10 or more of my mom's soft sculptures to show. My mom has NEVER shown anything at a gallery. She barely recognizes she's an artist (sorry mom, but it's true) but she really is. The gallery folks took everything we showed! I was really surprised and VERY happy for my mom. I'm still in a happy place about this.

There is going to be a Fall Festival on October 21 at the Albert Michael's Gallery (located at 230 4th Ave in Altoona, PA). I want to go, but may be out of town (we shall see). Then there is another show on November 24th and runs till December 2 with lots of Christmas handmade goodies. This is very exciting and I plan on doing more work to show for both of these. I really like the owner too as she's an animal artist as well and the gallery is quite beautiful. They really need to get a web site to go "international". : )

I may sign up for the Christmas Tea...that's in December on the 5th at 6 pm. I don't know if I'll bring the girls or not. It's a limited event, so I don't know what I'll do yet.

Anyway, I'm thrilled about all the happenings locally and esp. that my mom is showing her work too.

While at Gearhart's I saw they had a card display by a card company I was considering sending some work to. I think it's a sign for the Art god's to go for it. I think I'll send a copy of my Mowry Marsh painting...


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