Rudely awaken at 6:30am

Now, it's 7 am and I'm trying to overcome a headache, boarding on laryngitis and my slightly achy toe (had an ingrown toenail removed). So, I'm not too happy since both my gals are up and shiny at this ungodly hour. It's wet and rainy outside, I have people coming at 9am and I still have to clean the rat cage. ugh. Did I say I don't fell well? I'm waiting for the Dayquil to hit I do feel a tad better. I have to take my allergy medicine as well as I've gotten confused about whether I should or shouldn't if I take Dayquil.

Norrie is feeling better after going to sleep at 8 pm and Lydia looks great too. I feel and look kind of gross but maybe a shower will help relax my muscles.

Sunday...I thought I wouldn't be able to go to Shavers creek but ended up going. It was more hiking then I realized and I felt slightly asthmatic near the, I didn't take my allergy medicine because I wasn't sure about having taken my cold medicine. Maybe I shouldn't worry about that and just take it.

Shavers creek was gorgeous and I'm glad I went even though I don't feel very good and probably got most people sick...feel bad about that. We walked through marsh to get to some mushrooms and my shoes nearly were sucked off my feet. Never had that happen before...or at least not both feet! Good grief. Then, we walked up hill and a woman found a wasps nest in the ground and ran screaming from there. She got stung and I was like, good god what now. I totally recognized her scream as something bug related as I was stung about 25 times when I was on a hike in California with a friend. Don't even want to think about it...anyway, I started mumbling things like, "I don't even have my Epi pen..." and warning people not to go near there. Scary.

People were tasting mushrooms left and right. I was a bit surprised, though some were definitely not edible and our leader, Bill Russell, said most would taste stronger than the hottest pepper. I didn't do any tasting as having allergies would probably puff up like a puffball. Russell didn't even having sensitivity to poison oak/ivy and I'm the type of person who looks at it and starts itching. One of my brothers is like Russell (David) and my other brother, Daniel is more like me only worse.

It was fascinating to find mushrooms and everyone looked for various species. I found out the older a mushroom the more bitter it would be and the younger, the harder to identify. So much to learn. I didn't pick any to eat but was content to study them and find out about the nature of the mushroom.

One thing that struck me was not even Russell would presume to know everything. It was a bit humbling and made me feel a bit more comfortable to know even he wouldn't throw caution into the wind about mushrooms or act like he knew everything.

I was rather amazed at how beautiful the area was and even though everyone seemed to hike like crazy, I got a few good pics.

I liked how most of the trail was on wooden walk ways...


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