Friday, September 01, 2006

Room change, touch up...

It's Can't believe it's that late but it is...

Was inside all day long...except when I ran outside to stuff some cardboard in the garage to take to the recycling tomorrow and pick some rose hips. I found out that rose hips are excellent forms of Vitamin C and can be made into teas, jellies and other food stuff. I'm so excited. So, I picked a whole bunch of them and will be drying hips. Also, you can eat the rose hip skin and for the record, it does taste like apples! Just don't eat the seeds/hairy part of the seeds.
Yes, I know this pic is blurry but I thought it looked funny with Sampson sitting in a naked corner...and those eyes!

One caution is not to pick rose hips with any exposure to pesticides. Another reason, why we should not spray our plants but use non toxic forms of bug control (like attracting the right wild life to your yard). Also, another reason not to use pesticides is they hurt the bird populations. A lot of people love birds and flowers but don't realize how both go hand in hand. Bird and animals (such as your beloved dog or cat) are hurt unintentionally by these bug killers. Remember, these are bug KILLERS not to be confused with bub repelants. So, don't buy that crud! : )

Also, I'm moving things back into the dining/studio room. It looks a mess. I think I need a cupboard...

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