Rainy days...

Another COLD, rainy day. I know I have sensitivity to light patterns during the seasons. I get moody and a little depressed about the weather growing gray. I still have a lot of the Southern California in me, I guess. But I'm working on my feelings with lots of color around the house and being aware of my moods.

Apparently, I sounded down in previous posts and my sis was concerned. Not to worry, Becky! I'm feeling better now. I also get aches from the cold. I guess it's time to pull out the long underwear. Dang.

Jon and I had his folks watch the kids. We went shopping because it was really too cold to do any long walks. I confess I went to the new shopping center. I got some sneakers and socks. Then we went to Dicks Sporting goods and got a few small items for hiking (compass, snake bite kit). Then we went to another shop further away...got some books. We had a moment of adventure and drove off to this road that stops at the end of a woods. We walked around a little and then back...much too wet and it was private property. Oh, well. Canoe Creek is still there.

Jon did find another hen of the woods (which he froze and we'll sample). I hope it's as good as they say.

In other news, I've had quite a few pieces of work shown at the local Albert Michael's gallery:

This photo shows my mom's Fall Bunny as well as other artists work. There is a framed painting of a Pumpkin Fairy by myself.

I saw the exhibit last night when dropping off more work. I was excited about seeing everything and it all looks really great. :)

This showcases my mom's work in soft sculpture...Guinea pigs, Bears and a few other goodies are shown with some crochet work by fellow artists.

My cat doll

More work by various local artists...

I guess I sound a little down too because I found out our trip to Philadelphia is cancelled. This was a trip with Jon for the University press convention for Pennsylvania's Historical Books. I was really looking forward to this but apparently, they had enough people. Dang. Double Dang! Oh, well. There is another convention in November we might be able to go to. It's for Slavic Books. So, this should be interesting.

But the good news is I can volunteer for the Fall Festival at the Gallery. So, this made me feel like I have something to definitely look forward to.

Art wise, I'm getting more work ready for several spots in State College. Again, the Stone Soup as well as the Tait Farm. Hopefully, I can have a few finished before this weekend is up.

I also want to make a few flyers and send them to various companies and a few hospitals. Hope I can start getting exposure this way as well.

Pic of the foyer of the gallery...
Lots of work sold at the reception last month. I may try some bigger pieces...either in my cute critters or abstract style.

I just realized I haven't decided what to make for the girls for Halloween costumes. They mentioned several things like vampires and some such things. But I think they both agreed on Chipmunks...so, I will see what I can do. Hmmmm...

I also have a new Fall class out. Fall Decorations. Will see how that goes but I'm just glad if I have some friends over.


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