The politics of politics

Have you ever had a day where you were flummoxed by emails of niceties that just made you want to say, good-bye and leave a group? I've had one of those days...The sad thing is I've seen all these people in real life but when we talk there is more niceness and little things being said about the real issue. The real issue is I don't like red tape and I don't think it should be around a belief or religion. I guess I'm getting turned off by red tape and thinking of red tape less venues. I'd write more about this in detail but it wouldn't do any good. Let's just say, a lot of kind people are getting pretty sick and tired of protocols...and this was another reason I left organized religion.

Ah, well...just one of those stressful things that a quiet group of people don't want to talk about. And one that will work out in the long run...
Anyway, I had a great day otherwise. Had another art lesson with my art student and my girls. I was nervous about it all as Norrie is an attention hog and Lydia can pull her fair weight of "look at me". But it went fairly well actually. I really enjoy the company too. :)

In other news, I'm so glad it's the end of Wednesday...another allergy shot under my belt plus I got some work done at the in-laws (had to borrow their computer as my ink is out). It was a nice break to see them too. Thursday should be low stress, if any and I can rest and play with the girls. We've been taking long walks lately and having fun with this. I love this time of year and for the first time I've been here, I can truly appreciate the weather. I'm not so afraid of pollen or of too many plants (maybe I've mentioned that before). Either way, I'm feeling rather well.

I also have a plan now. I'm going to try out public school but still do some homeschoolers activities. I think this way we'll be balanced and I won't loose hair from teaching the girls, etc. I hope it works.

I want to try going to Mowry Marsh tomorrow...hopefully it won't be too rainy and I'll be able to try this out. I'll bring the camera too.

I notice if I bring Nelson with me, he's very calm. I guess that's how dogs are...


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