Thursday, September 21, 2006

Peace Day...walking...

Today is also International Peace day...I had a lot of plans but none took root. I wanted to have my whole front yard filled with pinwheels for peace but I don't have one ready...actually, I have two in the garden, wish I had more. Then I did a last minute vigil attempt but everyone is too busy. So, I will do one tonight with my family.

I've been walking a lot more lately. The weather has been good and even if it's not "good", I'm going to appreciate it for what it is. Sometimes I get hung up on the idea of perfect weather. I was kindly reminded while talking to a new friend that there are interesting and attractive elements even in foul weather. I had never thought of that before. It's funny when something true and brave sweeps in front of your face and you go ah, ha! That's how I felt...

I think I need to get some good walking shoes and hiking boots. This is another realization from walking. I have wonderful arch supports but I've been getting severe charlie horses in the bottom of my foot. Not fun, esp. at 5 in the morning...or any time, for that matter. Another exspense but well worth it.

I feel pretty well today and even though I could see my breath when I let Nelson outside, I think it's going to be a good day. I have a hang up about the sun, apparently.


Sampson, our tuxedo cat, is clawing my leg and trying to nudge me into giving him moist cat food. Now, he's sitting on my knee & purring. He drools when he purrs. Oh, well. He's a super long cat and I think I may have to do a painting of him. Now, he's back to aggresive nudging...

Anyway, I need to do some work...planning on bringing in a few pieces to the local art gallery, Albert Michael's and I have to get some new stuff up to Stone soup as well. There's an artist reception tonight at 5...going to try to make it as Jon get's home at 6pm...


Eden said...

Just an FYI about the shoes: Birkenstock makes a hiking boot. Like all Birks, they're expensive bu the support is nice and the quality is excellent.

Where is the gallery?

Emily said...

Thanks for the info on the Birk/boots...I'll look into this though price is a factor. :)

The gallery is located at:

Albert Michaels Gallery & Gifts
230 Fourth Avenue Rear

They don't have a web site yet.


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