New work on Etsy!!

Just posted a mass of lovelies on etsy!

Lots of handmade goodness by my mom and a few by me too. :)

Feeling a tad better now that I made it through the day...thank the stars for medicine and the patience of people. I really don't know why I stress out so much. 90% of the time, things are gonna be all right. My dad-in-law has this great saying "Egbok". Everything’s gonna be OKAY. Don't you love that? Also, Jon's family had a turtle named Egbok that lived at their house in California. They'd feed it a banana and he would come every morning to the back door, waiting for his banana. Isn't Egbok a great name for a turtle? I think everyone should have one things named that...

I also made a smelly discover...never store slightly stinky mushrooms in your freezer as you will have a VERY stinky freezer afterwards. I can't even open the fridge it smells so badly.

On another stinky note, while I was giving an art lesson, Kiwi, decided to let out a stinky smell...which made all the kids laugh like crazy but was quite embarrassing...I even think Kiwi was embarrassed. Poor little thing.


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