Post offices...I like them and get so annoyed/angry by them. I sent a package to my mom and a client and BOTH have yet to recieve them. I'm starting to get nervous they won't get to where they're supposed to be going. My mom just wrote to me that she hasn't recieved her package and now I'm frustrated/sad. This is the package w/ the long sought doll pattern, of course. I know there are plenty of other things to get emotional about but really makes me angry.

Deep breath...calm breath...I'm still annoyed but at least I'm breathing. I guess I hate to lose things.


I'm one that listens to her dreams. If I have a bad dream/nightmare, I tend to listen to it and try to understand why I dreamt it. I think the unconscious knows more then we could ever handle and that is why we dream about things in our life.


This is one reason why I like having kids:

I would have never thought to do this with a doll cake and cat...


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