It's nice having work at a gallery...

Just got news, I sold six more of my ACEO's at the local art gallery. I wonder which one's sold...hmm. Will have to find out. So, I'm going over there on Friday and will bring more work in.

Both girls have mild colds but seem to suffice on Pokemon reruns. Well, actually one fell asleep, I see.

I've sent off two submissions to some card companies. Hopefully, they like my work and have me do a design or two. I found another one I'm interested and I'll try them next. Also, there is one company I applied to before and will do so again. The old adage, try, try and try again is my motto. For some reason, when I was younger I thought if you were rejected from an art __________ (fill in the blank), you were a failure and doomed forever. Now, I realize you have to keep trying. Keep working, be honest about your work and work as much as you can. One of my favorite person's J K Rowling (author of Harry Potter, single mom, etc) sent her book to at least 38 publishers and was rejected every time. But the 39th or so publisher, accepted her work and look at her now. Keep that in mind folks. It will happen if you keep trying.


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