Interesting day...

Had an art class today, very nice as I got to met someone with similar POV's and do art stuff. And I actually got to talk a bit with another mom which is really great!

Afterwards, I ran out and got my allergy shot, dropped off way over due kids video (someone stuck them in the video library! grrr...oh, well a nice donation to the library) and then off to the Post office. Then, drove home just in time to pick up the gals and deal with them. They were acting out of sorts for some reason...probably their colds and the weather being so gray/cool.

In between all of this, I baked some banana bread (turned out pretty good) and found a massive garden spider such as I have never seen in real life (I look at a lot of insect/animal books) and was surprised at just how big it was.

I was a bit creeped out trying to get a close-up and ended up getting blurry pics.

I also found four different mushroom species growing in the grass where a tree used to stand. It's fascinating as one of the fungus's is definitely edible (gem studded puff balls)

and the other, I'm not so sure. Ever since the walk on Sunday, I've been keeping my eyes peeled as has Jon. He came home with the new color copy of Bill Russell's mushroom book "Field Guide to Wild Mushrooms" and it looks really great! There are definite perks to having your husband work at the University press. :) Of course, now I'm trying to dream up various writing scenarios to get published...;)

Anyway, I did a spore print of what I think may be what is known in the Mushroom world as a LBM (Little Brown Mushroom). I'd refer to my notes but a three year old used most of my notes as inspiration and wrote all over them.

Jon found this mushroom...we believe it's an old chanterelle but we're going to email the mushroom guy, Russell, and see what he says before getting our hopes up.

Oh, and here are the oil pastel characters I did last night...not the greatest pic. I think I'm going to have to save up for a new camera. dang. Or get my eyes checked.
And no, those are not my glasses but a pair of sunglasses we were fooling around with.


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