Illustration Friday "Quiet"

I've enjoyed bats flying all through the summer. I started to imagine what it would be like to fly, quietly about, catching your dinner in the dark. Bats are not blind (I always thought they were) and have excellent hearing. Quiet always seems to come at night on the wings of bats or at least seems to lower the volume to a pianissimo fluttering touch.


And dreams like bats
(which with small cries
go chasing gnats
and long-legged flies)

wing through the darkness
of the breast
until with day
they take their rest,

hanging head downwards,
vague, aloof,
like some soft fungus
on a roof.

-Elizabeth Coatsworth


Jana Bouc said…
I love bats and yours are really sweet. Refreshingly different take on the topic.
Love the cute baby bats.
Michelle Lana said…
very cute!
Rrramone said…
Now that you mention it, bats are kind of quiet when they fly around... :-)
Majeak Ann said…
so clean, very nice!
they scare me a bit, but these are cute ones!
Halloweenville said…
very cute!!
Sweet Pea said…
Sweet little bats - we had one in our house and it was pretty magical watching it swooping silently up and down our hallway :)
georg said…
Sweet bats and very poetic.

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