House cleaning workout...and Rant.

I don't mind working out. When I feel like there are no owies in my life, I can do a good work out with my allergy medicine and not be stressed out but feel really good. Housework, however, should not be a workout. However, for those deemed housemothers, housewives, work at home people, homeschoolers, etc. housework, inevitably becomes part of their daily chores. Now, don't get me wrong we should clean up and sweep the floor, etc. However, if you live with someone, your partner SHOULD help and not leave EVERYTHING up to you. Can you tell I'm annoyed?

We've had several discussions and it always comes down to me doing the work, again and again. Yes, Jon will feel guilty and do dishes for a few days at a time but come the fourth day, nada. So here I am ranting.

I must say the house looks good now. Swept, 90% of the dishes cleaned, laundry down to possibly two more loads, sure the bath trash needs to be emptied and there is a definite odor coming from the cat box. But the rat cages are cleaned, the table is spiffed up and there is a miracle of white on the kids art table. I've been speeding around the house because I was going to have some art students but they seemed to have cancelled. But I'm not annoyed. I'm glad the house is organized, it's just when I'm cleaning I threaten divorce, become half crazed and my patience is down to 20%. This and cleaning with two raccoons, is not fun. If you have kids under 6, a study once said, you've got the most stress a mom can handle. And by God, they are right!

Sigh...things could be worse and thankfully they are not. We had some rain, the sun came back out and the air has a cool sweetness to it. I think weather like this is a true blessing. Regardless of all the bad stuff out there (and there is a lot), I'm thankful today for a clear blue sky, a late night rain and for so much really.

Since our Peace walk on Saturday, we went to a beautiful spot outside of Geesey Town. It's called Mowry Marsh. There is a small road that one turns off of and you immediately park on a dirt road. There is a small path that leads to a really nice pavilion and overlook area. Then you stand and look at the view of trees, marsh, and the slight turn of Fall leaves. Gorgeous. Let's just say I was really kicking my self for not bringing my camera...I want to go back with my paints and do a watercolor painting while there. The girls enjoyed running around and playing. Beautiful open space and you're surrounded by nature. If you know Oprah magazine you'll get this next line, "Breathing Space" without the text. ;)

I swear more people should go out for walks. Find something your interested in like rocks, mushrooms, leaves, animals and go walk and try to find them. It's funny how much more you'll walk because you're looking for something. And it's a great stress reliever. Of course, my marsh walk is extremely short but I started thinking about my mushroom walk last week. Plus, we found some mushrooms after Church on the campus. Jon found his first hen of the woods but we couldn't eat it as they spray chemicals on the grounds (so much for education...there are MANY organic,non-polluting "weed" disgusting to use chemicals as kids run around there and lots of wildlife...).

So, we took the hen of the woods and sprinkled the bits by an old oak tree stump in our yard. We're hoping for possible mushrooms of this variety in the future. Supposedly, you can do this with certain mushrooms, others you may have to dig out the rotted stump. Oh, well. We did come up with a crazy plan of buying and burying some red oak stumps and seeing what happens, say next year. Hey, it's an experiment! :)

Anyway, it's another gorgeous day and we may walk for a bit since it's cooler than yesterday. I'm so glad to be on the right medication for allergies. What a difference! And the allergy shots help so much. I think I'll be able to enjoy the seasons a bit more now.

I have several ideas I want to start...3 mini-art quilts and do some advertising. It seems I'm constantly thinking about this as well as creating new works. I guess I was due for taking such a long hiatus! : )


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