Have a cold in my throat...

but am feeling better. Yesterday, we were all out of it. Basically, we got up puttered around (I did make a pretty good mushroom soup). But we were so tired we crashed about 2 pm for a nap and slept for a few hours. I hate being sick.

At least I feel better today and last night I started feeling better, too. My throat feels like it's filled with cotton balls and it's hard to breath and swallow my warm coffee.

I'm supposed to go on a mushroom walk today...and I want to but my ear hurts as well as my throat. So, I don't know...Maybe if I wrap myself up in a thick scarf...it's not like we're out hunting caribou or something.

Anyway, one of the reasons I have a major sore throat is we went to a park about 7pm on Friday night and it got cool really fast. We were actually looking for some mythical giant acorns (according to our inside source) but found mushrooms instead.
In the impending darkness, we could see the pale glow of possible boletes...

(we picked this but did not eat...it's a bolete but is a fake?)

We looked and sure enough looks like we found quite a few.
(Frost's Bolete...poisonous, look but don't touch)

Norrie and Lydia are excellent mushroom finders...I guess being a mere three feet and under has it's advantages. I was hoping to see the glowing mushrooms called "The Jack o' lantern" but not to be. It was kind of creepy and magical to be out in a park so late but we paid for that the next day.
So, we stayed much longer then we should have and I was wearing only shorts/tee shirt. Lydia was sick the next day and Norrie was fine. But now Norrie is coughing. I think Mr. Nelson was sick too because he was a bit lethargic.

I didn't get as much done painting wise but I did make myself a cute bag last night...it's quilted and is really big. I like the effect of dark outside and light inside. I got all the fabric for free and I think it came pretty good even though I did it free form.

(New bag. I think it has Japanese feel...)

I didn't make a cover and gave it small inside straps that attached with Velcro. It's meant for collecting things like leaves, mushrooms, acorns, & sticks. I'll probably carry my sketch book and some pencils too. I put in about two inside pockets and one outside pocket. I was thinking of adding a mushroom patch but just thought that would be too much.

Oddly, while we were sick yesterday, our neighbors had a yard sale with another of their neighbors. I had Jon take the girls over and they came back with an elephant and bunny. Then Jon told me that there was a quilt bar stretcher for $15...I'm like, Jon if it's in good condition, please get that for me. So, he did.

(Quilt stretcher: $15!...comes in small, medium and KING SIZE stretchers. Phew!)

Anyway, I'm feeling a tad better but I'll see after the Dayquil...I'm thinking of skipping the mushroom walk but we shall see.

One thing about picking mushrooms is they smell. I didn't think they would have that much of a smell but they do and it's like some sort of 500,000 times the strength of store bought mushrooms...this is not good and nearly turned me off of picking mushrooms. Good grief, the stink! I don't know if I'm cut out to forage for mushrooms and stuff like chicory ( I was thinking of finding some and making some coffee with it).


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