Gray day...

It's a rainy gray day. It wasn't supposed to start raining till tomorrow but I guess weather has a mind of it's own.

Ran a few errands and ended up going to the local mall, Logan Town. Let's just say we never go and the gals had a vague idea of what this was and called it a mull instead of mall.

We got there early and apparently, you can walk around before the stores open up and use the ball pit. So, we did that. Then we got a little snack and walked around. We went to the store I had to go to and there was a VERY weird person in there. I mean strange weird. I thought the man was mall security or something at first and started to think, did I touch something? Did I do something? But what would a mom and two kids look like she did? This older man (in his late 60's, about six feet, heavy/muscular body type) kept following us around. He held a child toy near his groin area which disturbed me and I started to feel really disgusted and nervous. This creep followed us closely nearly through the whole store and I finally said, "Let the man pass by, let him get by" and started to gesture for him to go. He seemed surprised I confronted him and walked by, paid for his toy and left. I was very weirded out and felt scared. I don't know why I didn't just tell the cashier that guy was sick or call for security. At one point, near the back of the store I felt like we were going to be attacked or something. It was a horrible feeling. I felt very threatened and very vulnerable and made lots of noise about the junk they sell in the store and ushered the kids really quick near the cashier. It was an odd feeling of panic...but I guess I was at least making noise! I may have to call the mall and tell them to be aware or something.

As I left, the same older man was in his car driving by us. He smiled and I felt more terror as I was confirmed it was not mall security. I even felt like ducking in the parking lot to hide. I need to review my self defense moves and refresh the big can of pepper spray in my bag. Hmph!

On a happier note, I got a good long letter from my bestfriend, C! So, I'm feeling like there is normal people still left in this world.

Still, it was rather upsetting and if I drank beer, I'd have one now thank you! :) Or at least a hot toddy...


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