Friday, September 01, 2006

Feels like Fall...

When does Fall start? September 21st, apparently. Mabon is the pagan word for the Fall Equinox...

I like knowing how things originated and also, so I know when to expect seasons to change (and maybe what to wear, etc). I may do some paintings based on this...Sounds appealing to me, esp. the myth aspects.

I'm feeling rather proud of my self...I found that black electric tape is really cool for decorating. Apparently, Norrie thinks it's good for decorating well as decorating mommy. oh, well...

Apparently, all this weather we're getting (and which is starting to act up my arthritis) is from that tropical storm that came from Florida. It sure got me moving around. I was supposed to hang out with some friends in the neighborhood but I'm guessing they're under the weather...hope they feel better soon.

I have to say I like the paint job the dining room, I've got to put up curtain rods/and paint the rest of the wood work/spot paint. Having a three and four year old, will do that to you. sigh...

We're having some family over from Boston, my sis-in-law and her family. The girls will really enjoy having little Allison to play with. The boys in the family (only three of them, hahaha) were planning to go to a ball game, but it might be rained out.

Next week, I'm starting art lessons (just for one month) and then the following month I may try specific holiday art projects...maybe along the lines of the Spirit of Giving. I don't know yet. As well as tutoring...should be fun.

Anyway, it's going to be an interesting new season come this Fall. Oh, and of course paint, paint and paint some more. Not too bad creating artwork, really.

Wish it was 6 pm, then Jon would be here and I could zone out. But as it is Lydia and Norrie are bugging me to use the computer. They like this program.

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