Feeling waves...

There are moments when I feel like I'm content, happy, etc. And then a wave will come and tear this feeling away. I know the cause and I'm finding ways to solve this problem. Still, the waves are there...everyone knows these waves...uncertainty, fear, anger. Finding the root of the problem helps. It doesn't solve the problem, entirely, but it helps to know why.

For a long time, I didn't realize I was allergic to pollens. I would be irritable and depressed. Then I found out, I have allergies and these allergies cause migraines and these migraines cause tiredness, etc,etc. I started to deal with these feelings and allergies. Now, I feel I'm at 75% working capacity. lol. I'm getting better at identifying why I feel anxious or impatient. And, more importantly, at expressing this to my loved ones.

I'm also learning that feeling good all the time is not always ideal and waves of life are always there. Dealing with it, learning to stay a float and knowing how to paddle to shore, that is key.


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