Feeling a bit blah...

Tired mostly. I feel like I'm going to get a second wind...just when, however, is the problem. Now Mr. Nelson seems to be getting his...

Had a good day. Yesterday, I felt so tired and like a cold/achy feeling was all over. I think I can tell when rain is going to happen by my aches. Supposed to have some this weekend, I gather. A bit down, is how I feel. Of course, I just listened to the entire "Hair" musical. I've got to stop doing that...not that Hair is so bad, just some depressing songs. Now, IZ is on. Music really can create, reflect moods.

I think I forgot to take my vitamins today. I'll take some and I know I'll have some energy afterwards. I do know I did quite a bit today. Mostly annoying things like driving. I don't really care for driving. I'm such a bum but I know...I'd much rather take the bus or have someone else drive. I know it's because for years, while I lived in LA and before I met Jon, I rode the bus. Sometimes I hated the bus...like the bus being late or the crazy bus driver that would pretend not to see you at certain bus stops (he was really crazy...bitter, sarcastic as well as rude)and then the scary situations like this drunk man who thought this giant moth on the bus could bite you and kill you with it's poison. Okay, that sounds kind funny, actually. Anyway, there were some of the oddest, kindest moments on the bus. Would I rather take the bus here? No. Things are SO spread out around here you have to have a car or carpool. Yes, there is freedom in having a car. And there are definite chains as well.

I guess I'm reacting out of driving up this one hill. It's near the Post Office in downtown and so steep. It's obscenely steep, the kind of hill where you feel like you've put all your precious years into the ability of your brake to with stand sitting on that cliff of a hill. Last year, I slipped a little backward on that hill and ever since have avoided it. But today, like a goose, I challenged the Gods of the traffic lights. I thought I could make the green light but got stuck on red. And to make matters worse, a car was behind me. I hate that. So, I waited for the light to go green and gripping the steering wheel with all my might, pressed on the gas. Lurching forward, I could see the semi-surprised look of the volunteer traffic cop and his buddy. Guess they could pick up my fear level by that...heh. I survived and vowed not to use that darn hill again.
Tomorrow a friend of mine is going under surgery...I'm sending her a little prayer that all will be well.

Last night, I had several nightmares and then I slept in even though I went down so early. I must be out of sorts because of the weather. I felt like I was covered in Bengay joint ointment. I'm pathetic.
To make matters worse, Norrie was attacked by an 18 month boy. This might not seem like much, but apparently this kid is a known biter/scratches and does this to every child. I wanted to bop him with a wooden spoon...a couple of times. I didn't, of course, but I sure felt like it. I also wanted to bop his parents. But instead I turned to dr.greene.org and typed in toddler. Oddly, I found out biting is common and happens to a lot of kids. I found out it's a way of getting attention and dominance. So, I printed two copies out and gave them to the care taker (she was at her wits end) and hopefully she gave them to the parents too. I love Dr. Greene. Sometimes, he'll (or they) write some things on there that are just right to the heart of the matter.

Well, I'm not too afraid of sending Norrie & Lydia back...just hope the little guy learns really quickly not to bite.

I sent the girls and daddy into other room without TV. Lydia is filling daddy's ear and Norrie is doing her fair share. Honestly, I don't know how they keep going. Even Nelson is tuckered out, now.


Anyway, that's my day....oh, and I watched Totoro with subtitles. I have to say, it was better than the voice over. It's funny but the subtitles were rougher and more a more human feel. The voice over had more of a poetic feel, which has it's plus side, but I like the humanistic feel even more.


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