Canoe Creek...

Well, the doctors appointment went very well. I'm glad to say, I'm everything looks good and all I have to really whine about is an aching ear and ingrown toenail. Not too bad when all is said and done.

Afterwards, we drove over to Canoe Creek and plotted to search for mushrooms. I, of course, did not bring my camera. Apparently, on a slightly rainy day in the middle of the week you can see an amazing amount of wildlife and mushrooms. As we drove into the state park, what should we see but fawns! I was amazed...they looked absolutely beautiful and with a gracefulness beyond any fashion model or domesticated animal you have ever seen. They darted away, shy and yet curious as they looked back on several occasions and then disappeared.

We drove on, parked and walked into the park. The ground was wet, muddy and the early morning rain made the leaves heavy and shimmer in the gray light. We walked on through the dark branches and covered path littered with leaves, twigs, insects scurrying and the fruit of late summer. Norrie felt it was her duty to remind me of how she did not think this was a proper park and it was much too dark...that she was afraid. But we held hands and walked on and on...searching for mushrooms and trying to identify the trees as we went. After about a half hour we turned back and I carried Norrie and Jon carried Lydia...we were still recuperating from a fever the other day.

Packed into the car, we felt a little sad not seeing as many mushrooms as we had hoped but as we turned the bend to leave there must have been at least 10 mushrooms under every other tree! Isn't that the way! And the fawns were back out, though they dashed away at our rumbling car and the mother watched for them and stayed, staring at us. She seemed to either be ready to fight (she made a step forward) or else was waiting for the flash of a camera. Either way, neither of these things happened and I was struck at her willingness to stay in our view, to let her little ones run off in the brush and she looked back several times to make sure they were safe. It was all very touching, really...

Off we drove, leaving the family of deer’s and we found a new road to explore. Horses grazed and barely lifted their heads at our car as we oohed and awed at them. We then found Gearhearts, Country store, got some fresh produce and supplies for our journey home. And probably the best roast beef I've ever had. In front of the store, we saw a small field of sunflowers, bursting with seeds, Baltimore Oriels and every sparrow in the area. We sat and watched as the birds dived and came back again and again. It was amazing.

Afterwards, we packed up in the car, the girls ate 25 cent popsicles and off we drove. And home is where we went.


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