Monday Morning...

It's a start of a new week and I hope it will be somewhat cooler than last week. We actually had a yard/porch sale on Saturday and it was really nice. Except for some very petty and haggling people (I mean HAGGLING a .25 cent item to a dime and then acting all snooty afterwards), it went well. I also was ashamed of my neighbors smoking some sort of herb, again and playing loud heavy metal music afterwards (I had Jon go over there and talk to them...didn't do much). Let's just say, a lot of people besides me could smell and hear everything. So, at least I know I'm not crazy.

One yard sale guy was like, "I'd reach in there pull that twerp out by the collar and beat his sorry a**". I really liked that guy! lol!

But the yard sale went well after the complaints. We loaded everything that didn't sell and dropped it off at the Salvation army. So, we have a lot less stuff. I wanted to have another sale and clear out stuff but Jon's going fishing w/ his dad. So, I might have to wait until two weeks from now. Which is fine as I'm giving another reading on the 20th for UU.

Also, I learned an important lesson... ALWAYS READ ALL THE RULES. Some people are extremely anal and will not even remind you of rules and will beat you up or else ban you without you ever knowing why. I learned that lesson the hard way...mostly because the last (and apparently most important part of the rule) was at the very bottom of the rule list. Yes, there was a huge list of things one could and could not, now I am banned. I bear the black crossed out sign on my chest...wah!

Well, I got that off of my brain. I was really getting sad about this but you live and learn. On to bigger and better things.

I finished my second Guinea pig Quilt. If it doesn't sell, I won't be heart broken. I love it and wouldn't mind keeping all for me. hehehe

Had a nice late birthday dinner at the parents house. There was a tomato salad, not quite like the way my mom made tomato salad...I think it needed garlic or something. But it was good in itself. I did feel bad my sis/in-law didn't make her lasagna with the spinach. Just frozen boxes of lasagna even though I clearly said the meat one could be frozen. There is a whole other story here but I'm not going to write it out because it will just work me up for no reason. Basically, some of my relatives don't understand basic human communication, it's not their fault but in some ways it is because they don't seek treatment or even therapy. It just makes me not want to "hang out" with them.

I'm still in a bad mood, I guess. I'm trying to pull the monkey off my back...On a positive note, Jon suggested talking to my best friend and seeing if we can visit for a few days in September. I like this idea very much. It's kind of funny. My dear friend, Carol, and I have known each other since junior high and now have both moved to Eastern states only four hours away from each other! It's just an odd thing since we were both raised in Southern California on the "mean" streets of Highland Park...or rather avoiding certain mean streets.

I guess that's a good way of surviving. Avoid unnecessary conflict and seek good people to be around. I like this sensibility, really. If you surround yourself by thoughtful, active people, you in turn, become like this.

In other news, I'm working on several smaller quilts. Small and cute...I should be doing this right now but I'm typing, instead. This gives me some goals to meet, really.

I also got to see the Pride and Prejudice movie which my mom sent me! I loved the photography of it all. Very dark and beautiful. Though, I do think they put too much makeup on the main character, Lizzie. She looked almost goth-chic! And I admit I liked the other film versions because they played up the humor aspect. I hardly knew what was happening at times in the almost chaotic dance scene in the beginning. Otherwise, it was beautifully done and interesting. Honestly, I think the director was trying to create a Bronte book with a Jane Austen story...this is what troubled me, I guess. This is not Heathcliff and there were some good lines that were lost because the tone was so dark and serious. I was also thrown for a loop to see Donald Sutherland as the dad...just too big of an actor to play such a role...and he just seemed to there as a long winded cameo. Thought the mother character, Mrs. Bennet played by Brenda Blethyn was really well done and very convincingly so. I usually was annoyed by the Mrs. Bennet character in previous films but this one, I was actually enjoying her presence and wanted to see less of the dad & Lizzie! I admit I was a bit annoyed at how the main "beauties" where so skinny and I couldn't get past this for half the film. They looked scary and like they'd faint on the ground if they even tried to walk as much as suggested in the book.

I guess I was scarred by all the previous Jane Austen interpretations on film. I loved Sense and Sensibility, Emma, and of course the six video tapes of the Pride and Prejudice made a few years ago. And I think that actress who played Lizzie was the one in that Pirate film (which I didn't care either)...I guess the gaunt look is still "in" but I don't care for it. Esp. after seeing the movie "Real Women have Curves". Now, that is a good movie and totally took me back ten years ago. Of course, the film plays up most of the good parts of East LA, food, music and color. But sometimes we have to paint things a little brighter than they are. Plus, the story/acting was excellent. I wish more films like this would be made. People making it, trying to go beyond their circumstances and doing good works.


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