A tele-townhall

Well, I got this phone call from our congressman, Bill Shuster, to be apart of a live tele-townhall meeting. It was actually a cool experience to talk directly with our congress person. The downside was Shuster is not even moderately a conservative but buys into all that Bush has said. Shuster totally thinks that it's a good idea to be in Iraq and didn't even offer a plan to get out...he even went on to say that "in 16 to 20 years people would look back at Iraq and say it was a good thing." At this point of time, I nearly choked with surprise and visions of Vietnam flashed in my head (and I wasn't even around then...just from what I HAVE read from history class/books).

Oh, and for the record here is my question: Do you support cutting social security, education and farmers aid in favor of the war in Iraq?

Let me just say (not that there was any doubt in my mind), I will be supporting the opposition 100%! Not only did Shuster not answer my question (did the whole pick something he likes and avoid the real question) Shuster gave some logically incorrect information as well...he associated the 9/11 bombings with Iraq when it was the Al Qaeda in Afghanistan that did this. This was mixed in with liberating Iraq...All eyebrows should be raised at this strange reasoning!

Apparently, Shuster does think we should cut aid to our elderly, our children and to some of the hardest working people in the United States because he certainly didn't vote in their favor. Just off the top of my head, supporting the bankruptcy reform bill. "The bill makes it harder for individuals to file, and will have a cruel effect on cancer survivors and others dealing with major medical crises."

I admit I was nervous as heck but as soon as I wrote down my question, I was ready. If there is ever a physical town hall meeting, I will be attending and I feel good for sharing my voice.


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