Rainy day...

Saturday and the air is warm and heavy with rain. The storm finally broke this morning and though thunder didn't come, at least the rain did.

We're sorting through stuff and will most likely have a porch sale next week...hope it goes well. In some of the stuff we got there are kids games, thankfully. We got an "elephant/fun" butterfly catching game. After repeated wonderings as to why it wasn't working, I trimmed the "nose" and now it works great. So, the girls are having some exercise catching butterflies. Speaking of butterflies, we're going to get some real caterpillars from this great site. They send you "ecologically friendly for your area" caterpillars. Lydia surprised me and told me that a caterpillar forms a chrysalis and emerges a butterfly. Amazing and she's only four. I had to show that off, hehehe.

Norrie is going around using four syllable words like calculator. I feel so happy to hear them say things like that. Of course, Lydia does talk a lot...a whole stream of words pour out and Norrie is getting to that point too. They amaze me.

Here are some recycling projects I do w/ kids art and wrapping paper. Not that we use a whole lot of diapers/wipes anymore we do have a couple of boxes from these around. I like to wrap them up in pretty paper either decorated from the kids or left over wrapping paper. We'll use the boxes for sorting toys, picking up junk from around the house and bringing to the correct room, etc.

1. Get box and trim off edges...I did this one really rough but you can make a smoother cut:

2. Take pieces of wrapping paper/kid art and cover over inside flap. Tape down. Don't worry about it being perfect. Just tape it on in sections:

3. After you tape it up, you can add a little border on the top with some left over colored wrapping or leave it plain. Now, it's ready to use and admire. You could even put art supplies in one like this or their art projects. I may even make a few for me! : )

They are nice reminders of the kids art and wrappings being reused. I also like to cover them up with clear packaging tape to give them a laminated look.


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